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Backyard Overhaul - Retaining Wall, Paver Patio & More

Retaining wall

The original retaining walls were poorly installed. Dreamscapes rebuilt them and brought them up to grade so they wouldn't fail again.

Retaining walls and staircases

In addition to rebuilding the retaining walls, Dreamscapes rebuilt this staircase, winding it into the hillside.

Staircase and retaining walls

This beautiful, winding staircase was completely rebuilt as part of the restoration process.

Paver landing

This paver landing matches the paver patio above. All of the paver stones were sealed to preserve their color and extend their life.

Paver patio

Dreamscapes completely removed the original, poorly-instealled paver patio and replaced with this 600 sq. ft. sealed patio and fire pit.

Paver patio, stairs and retaining wall

This project was a complete overhaul. Dreamscapes removed the paver patio, stairs and retaining wall and rebuilt it all from scratch.




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