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Manor Stone Retention

manor stone retention wall

The completed manor stone retention wall. The natural slope of the stones works with gravity to hold the hill in place, stabilizing the landscape.

before construction of Manor Stone retaining wall

Prior to installation of the retaining wall, this graded area was held in place with stones and treated lumber. You can see the natural pressure of the landscape bowing out the wood. A manor stone wall will hold the ground in place and provide an attractive, finished look to the back of the home.

installing the drainage system for retaining wall

Here we've prepared the base with a drainage system to ensure the wall will last for many years to come.

installling compacted gravel base for stable retaining wall

After installing the drainage system, we prepare the base with 6" of compacted gravel. Manor stone can be used to build a walls up to 3' high. Higher walls are more complicated and require engineering and additional permits.




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